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Deep Ellum Brewing Company Opens

by Anthony O’Dougherty

You have to learn how to crawl before you learn how to walk…..usually. This didn’t seem to be the case for John Reardon, founder of Deep Ellum Brewing Company. The startup microbrewery hit the ground running Saturday, December 17th with its Inauguration Tour and Grand Opening. The brewing facility was open to the public and for $10 you got a chance to partake in the festivities including a Deep Ellum beer glass, 3 tickets that could be redeemed for beer on tap, a tour of the brewery, and live performances from local bands including a Dallas favorite the O’s. The turnout was impressive with 300+ beer lovers and enthusiasts.

The brewery was compact and relatively small but very impressive. Located right in the heart of Deep Ellum their beers were as unique as the neighborhood itself. Below is a quick overview of the 3 beers that I tried.

A crowd pleasing story among the beer lovers was of the creation of their Festivus black IPA. Intended to be another beer called the Darkest Hour, some equipment went awry and the Deep Ellum Brewing team did everything they could to salvage the costly mistake. The disaster resulted into an opportunity to create a holiday brew. This brew hybrid was dubbed by John Reardon as “a beer too weird to live and too rare to die.”

The most intriguing aspect throughout the entire event was realizing the loyal local community Deep Ellum Brewing Company had at their fingertips. The warm and enthusiastic Deep Ellum welcome was no accident. John Reardon and his tech-savvy team had cultivated a social community from day one.  Everything from sharing photos of beginning construction, voiced concerns of placing fermenters, and many, many tastes tests kept Deep Ellum Brewery on the tip of your tongue and wanting more.


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Z Interactive Joins Social Media Club


by Harrison Blum

Founders Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells started Social Media Club (SMC) in March of 2006 with the first Chapter opening in the San Francisco Bay Area in August. The mission was to “host conversations around the globe that explored the way we connect, communicate, collaborate and relate to each other.” Now with over 300 chapters Social Media Club brings together journalists, publishers, communications professionals, artists, amateur media creators, citizen journalists, teachers, students, tool makers, and all interested collaborators.

Social Media Club strives to “expand digital media literacy, promote standard technologies, encourage ethical behavior and share best practices.” Dallas’ SMC chapter is one of many local chapters fueled by the very same bright-minded individuals who are making a material impact on the world and the tools that exist within it.

You can expect SMC Dallas’ event page to be buzzing with monthly networking events, meet-ups, and tweet-ups. Tech superstars such as Chris Brogan, Jason Falls, and Gary Varynerchuk are a few to have graced the podium and marquis signs of local bars and theaters in Dallas. Earlier this month Z Interactive had the pleasure of attended DFW Jingle Mingle at the Dallas Contemporary Art Museum. This one-of-a-kind digital marketing experience crossed social storytelling with live entertainment and did so raising over $26k to The DREAM Fund, a nonprofit project aimed at aiding individuals facing hardships.

Z Interactive looks forward to collaborating with this diversified club in the future and to offer cutting-edge marketing insight and plenty perspective on the digital space. Anyone interested in starting a Social Media Club chapter in their local city, can do so by visiting the chapter page for details.

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SEO Demystified

by Kaustav Basu

Go to the Powerpoint presentation
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About Z InteractiveZ Interactive is a boutique marketing firm that uses it’s unique “create, build, connect” method to help businesses grow their customer base. Our digital marketing services are dynamic and closely integrated with your other marketing efforts. Our marketing experts conduct a thorough analysis of your web performance on key search phrases, find opportunities to maximize exposure, and build a customized program for your business.

Contact us today for more information on our Search Engine Optimization services.


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Deck The Hall Event

by Kristen Kassab

This Saturday December 10th is the annual Deck the Hall event put on by Elan Circle, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League. The concert starts at but there will be entertainment, arts and crafts, and pictures with Santa in the lobby before the event. Z Interactive has the honor of being one of the sponsors for this years Deck the Hall, which is going to be all the more spectacular because the Dallas Symphony Orchestra will be performing. Proceeds from Deck the Hall go to help the Education and Community Engagement Programs of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Some of the programs include Heart Strings, Young Strings, Symphony YES, Youth Concerts and DSO kids.

We are so pleased to get to be a part of this wonderful event and hope to see you all there!

For more information about the event please visit the Elan Circle website or Facebook page:

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“Follow Me” To The Runway

by Kristen Kassab

Gone are the days of the “inside scoop” being only for a chosen few that get to attend “exclusive”New York Fashion Week. Fashion has changed in both nature and the way it is delivered. In recent years fashion for the masses has taken on a whole new meaning. It no longer simply means affordable fashion but has taken on a more literal meaning. Fashion news is being streamed instantly to masses of people eagerly awaiting a play-by-play from the inside of their favorite designers fashion show.

In the past journalists had pre-written stories that were released during fashion week, while stories about the seasons collections weren’t released till the clothes were almost in stores. Now it’s all about the moment. Readers want to know what is happening right this second and they want it in real time. Everyone wants to feel like they are sitting front row right in the action, even if they are at home sitting in front of a computer. Social media has turned fashion outsiders into insiders, giving them a real time experience from “behind the screens” of their laptops, iPads, and smart phones.

Social media is appealing because it is raw and personal. Journalists stream videos backstage and post pictures taken via iPhone from their seats in the first row. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors that goes into producing a fashion show. Social media strips away the production and gives viewers a much more authentic experience.

This year we saw websites such as streaming fashion shows live or a mere few seconds after they happened. Designers themselves were video taping backstage allowing viewers at home the opportunity to experience the beautiful chaos that occurs behind the scenes. Interviews with models, designers, and celebrities who attended were posted continuously keeping everyone informed as to who was in attendance and the designer’s insights moments before or after a show.

Taking it further beyond fashion week designers are gaining loyal followers through the use of social media. Interacting with consumers on a platform where they interact with family and friends gives brands an opportunity to develop relationships with their customers. Even the most exclusive brands like Chanel and Diane Von Furstenberg have taken on a more human and relatable form by utilizing social media. By becoming more interactive and approachable designers are inspiring consumers to begin shopping via social media channels. Women outnumber men on every social media site and in one year over 1 Trillion brands will be mentioned on these platforms. The opportunities for fashion via social media appear to be endless and designers are just beginning to scratch the surface.

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