“Follow Me” To The Runway

December 8, 2011 at 5:15 am Leave a comment

by Kristen Kassab

Gone are the days of the “inside scoop” being only for a chosen few that get to attend “exclusive”New York Fashion Week. Fashion has changed in both nature and the way it is delivered. In recent years fashion for the masses has taken on a whole new meaning. It no longer simply means affordable fashion but has taken on a more literal meaning. Fashion news is being streamed instantly to masses of people eagerly awaiting a play-by-play from the inside of their favorite designers fashion show.

In the past journalists had pre-written stories that were released during fashion week, while stories about the seasons collections weren’t released till the clothes were almost in stores. Now it’s all about the moment. Readers want to know what is happening right this second and they want it in real time. Everyone wants to feel like they are sitting front row right in the action, even if they are at home sitting in front of a computer. Social media has turned fashion outsiders into insiders, giving them a real time experience from “behind the screens” of their laptops, iPads, and smart phones.

Social media is appealing because it is raw and personal. Journalists stream videos backstage and post pictures taken via iPhone from their seats in the first row. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors that goes into producing a fashion show. Social media strips away the production and gives viewers a much more authentic experience.

This year we saw websites such as ELLE.com streaming fashion shows live or a mere few seconds after they happened. Designers themselves were video taping backstage allowing viewers at home the opportunity to experience the beautiful chaos that occurs behind the scenes. Interviews with models, designers, and celebrities who attended were posted continuously keeping everyone informed as to who was in attendance and the designer’s insights moments before or after a show.

Taking it further beyond fashion week designers are gaining loyal followers through the use of social media. Interacting with consumers on a platform where they interact with family and friends gives brands an opportunity to develop relationships with their customers. Even the most exclusive brands like Chanel and Diane Von Furstenberg have taken on a more human and relatable form by utilizing social media. By becoming more interactive and approachable designers are inspiring consumers to begin shopping via social media channels. Women outnumber men on every social media site and in one year over 1 Trillion brands will be mentioned on these platforms. The opportunities for fashion via social media appear to be endless and designers are just beginning to scratch the surface.


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